Letter to Councillor

September 2011

Dear Cllr Newcombe

You will remember the I have been in touch with you a number of times about my concerns about the incinerator which is to be built in our ‘back yard’ (about 1/2 a mile away). I raised the following issue with you in my email of 3/9/10 but have not had a response on the matter.

I note that construction is to be started in November. I also note from a DCC press release that:

“The oscillating kiln which is at the heart of this type of plant ensures very thorough combustion of the waste. The emissions from this tightly-controlled process are low compared even to the stringent Waste Incineration Directive standards, and interested parties will be able to log in on the internet to see exactly how the plant is performing relative to the standards set by Europe.”

I am concerned that the Council has no plans to undertake an air quality measurement now, in September or October 2011, before the plant is constructed.

I believe this is necessary for two reasons:

1. Provide a baseline against which Operator and Council can demonstrate little or no change to air quality and pollution resulting from the plant, and

2. because the plant is to be sited in an area where air quality is already an issue. With the Environment Agency indentifying a number of sites on the industrial estate as being polluters it is imperative to understand the effect of the emissions that will be made both individually and when they are mixed in with other pollution in the area.

Residents need to be able to log on to see the impact of the performance of the plant on the area as a whole; the plant will not be operating in isolation to other emitters.

I understand you are now the Chair of the Committee overseeing the implementation of this project and I would welcome the immediate undertaking and publication of an air quality study baseline in order to reassure residents and enable us to track ins perofrmance over time not only agaisnt european standards but within the context of local circumstances.

Yours sincerely

Ms Diana Moore

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