Water vapour


Molar mass 18.01528 g/mol

Water vapour is the most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, needed for life. Water is constantly cycling through the atmosphere. Its concentration depends on temperature and weather patterns, and varies a lot across the globe and through the year.

Lent Carbon Fast 2015

You’ve probably heard of Lent fasts: giving up chocolate or biscuits or swearing for the 40 days before Easter. But did you know that in 2014, the Church of England in the south west ran a Carbon Fast? And they’re going to be running another one again this year.

During Lent 2015, which starts on 18 February, the particular focus for the Fast is on the link between our use of water, which needs to be pumped, cleaned and stored; our energy use; and the things we consume. For example, it takes 11,000 litres to make a pair of jeans and 140 litres of water to make a single cup of coffee. For each day of Lent, everyone who signs up will receive a daily email with an action to consider (except Sundays) and a specially written reflection. The Carbon Fast 2015 will also consider broader climate issues, in the run up to the Paris negotiations in December. You can find out more on the EcoChurch Southwest website.

“Particulart” is going to be involved in the Carbon Fast through a new exhibition in Bristol Cathedral called “A Stitch in Time”. Watch this space for timings.

Anyone can undertake the Carbon Fast Challenge at any time of the year. The 40 days need not be the 40 days of Lent. You see, carbon fasting doesn’t need to cost anything. Every step you take counts for something. You will be surprised at how much difference even the smallest steps will make. And then you can keep taking them.

Photos – Photographs by Ben Borley

We commissioned Benjamin J Borley to take some photographs of the Incinerator to include in the exhibition. Here are the results, including two that we had to exclude for lack of space.

A6565867-infrared-edit thumbnail
A6565786 thumbnail
A6565668 thumbnail
A6565647 thumbnail
A6565666 thumbnail

Incinerator (study 1 infra), 2014

Incinerator (study 2), 2014

Incinerator (study 3), 2014

Not shown in the exhibition

Not shown in the exhibition


Photos – Particulart launch

We had our exhibition launch on the evening of Wednesday 15th October, just before the inauguration of the Incinerator on the morning of the 16th.

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Cobalt thumbnail
Head_scratching thumbnail
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Diana spoke about the politics of the Incinerator...

...Clare talked a bit about the exhibition...

...and a bit more...

...then Michael Rigby from Cobalt Energy, a sub-contractor working on the build, gave an impromptu introduction to the engineering.

The head scratching response

The pondering response


Photos – Particulart hanging

Hanging the particles and Ben’s photographs in the Real Food café took over 5 hours. We were exhausted, but very pleased with how it turned out. Big thanks to Naomi Hart for her advice in the planning stage and help with the hanging.

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Dioxin from without

Furan from without

Diana putting the finishing touches to carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide on the way up to the café

Ben's infra-red photo

Dioxin from within

Particulate matter and heavy metals

Acid rain - hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen bromide, and sulphur dioxide

Furan from within

Exhibition blurb

NOx - nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and nitrous oxide - doing the flying duck thing

Polychorinated biphenyl

The lovely Naomi wrestling with a photo frame

Ben's photos



A6 leaflet - colour2Please find here our invitation to you to attend our party… the exhibition from 13th October to 8th November, and/or the launch event on the evening of 15th October before the Incinerator’s inauguration on the morning of the 16th. If you could let us know you’re coming, that would be very helpful. Thanks for your support!