Photos – “Up in the Air”

Photos of the exhibition in the Glorious Art House, Exeter, from 11-24 July 2015.

The gallery on the second floor became the Earth’s atmosphere, as particles hung in space around an inflatable globe. But the particles were also hung according to three pieces of data. So the gallery was also effectively a 3D graph. It even had axis labels, because if one is going to be a data geek, one may as well go the whole hog!

The posters around the room supplied the salient data about each particle, and the particle structures and the data also provided the material for some games – Turn Up Trumps and Fair Weather Friends – based on a couple of family favourites. There was a wordsearch too, all available to play nestled among the cushions in the games alcove.

And finally, there were leaflets about the exhibition and knitting patterns available to take away. You can find out more about the issue of climate change and what you can do, and download the patterns and games, on the “Up in the Air” exhibition page.

Photos by Clare and Clive Chilvers.

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The Glorious Art House on Exeter Fore Street. Truly glorious!

"Up in the Air" showed over 11-24 July 2015 in the gallery on the second floor of the Glorious.

The gallery was transformed into Earth's atmosphere, containing eight greenhouse gases that are contributing to climate change.

Axis labels at [0,0,0] on the gallery as 3D graph. Well if one is going to be a datageek, one may as well go the whole hog!

The wall posters provided the particle names and structures, and the salient data which dictated where the particles were hung in the gallery.

Hidden behind planet Earth, a glimpse of the games alcove - carpet, cushions, Turn Up Trumps, Fair Weather Friends, Snap, Wordsearch, and more.

Turn Up Trumps

Proof that knitting is tactile and particles are squeezy!

Carbon dioxide


Nitrous oxide

Sulphur hexafluoride casts a shadow



CFC-11 and HFC-23

There was lots of take-home stuff. Knitting patterns appeared after the knit your own carbon dioxide workshop, which happened mid-exhibition.

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