Photos – Knit your own carbon dioxide workshop

Diana helped with a workshop mid-exhibition. We had a great time learning a few new knitting stitches and techniques, and though we didn’t finish a whole knitted carbon dioxide molecule, we did manage to make one out of pompoms!

The conversation flowed over a whole range of ideas and issues. Chloe Uden from RegenSW told us about the SWIMBY musical about the Transition movement. It’s going to feature someone knitting in a corner throughout!

Composer Emma Welton brought some hi-tech equipment to record the sound of knitting. Her interest is also in energy generation, so she has been recording wind turbines, hydro-electricity, and large-scale power stations. Looking forward to hearing what she creates out of it all.

Photos by Clive Chilvers.

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Mid-exhibition workshop in the gallery itself.

Knit your own carbon dioxide - a tangle of black and red yarn, needles and patterns.

Following the pattern for atoms. You can download your own patterns for atoms, bonds and moecules on this website.

Oxygen atom taking shape.

Clare knotting.

We didn't manage to finish a whole knitted carbon dioxide, but we did make a pompom!

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