Photos – “Up in the Air” set-up

Clare managed to get in to the Glorious a couple of days early, so has already set up. Difficult to take photos of the whole room with only a smartphone – need a proper camera with a fish-eye lens! But hopefully these give a flavour of the transformation of the gallery into the Earth’s atmosphere and a 3-dimensional graph via the medium of knitting and chemistry!

Up-in-the-Air-1 thumbnail
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Axes thumbnail
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The Earth surrounded by knitted representations of greenhouse gases.

A peek into the games niche, and from left to right: nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane.

Comfy cushions and 3 or 4 games for you to play!

A view of some of the info posters, and from left to right: HFC-134a, CFC-11, HFC-23, sulphur hexafluoride.

The knitted greenhouse gases were hung in the 3D space according to 3 pieces of data. Here are the x,y,z axes.

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