Photos – “A Stitch in Time”

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Our venue, Bristol Cathedral

The exhibition in the South Choir Transept

"Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all"

'Water' is the theme of the Carbon Fast which the Church of England in the South West ran during Lent 2015 - see for more

Water vapour is a potent greenhouse gas

The greenhouse gases were flanked by photographs by Chris Dobson on the theme of 'Water'


Timings of “A Stitch in Time”

“A Stitch in Time” will be exhibited at Bristol Cathedral from 6th March to 6th April as part of its Lent carbon challenge. The Cathedral says:

Each Lent churches in the Diocese of Bristol set themselves an environmental challenge. This year the challenge is all about saving and conserving water and we have developed a free exhibition to explore the issues further. Bishop Mike and BIshop Lee recently went on a trip to Uganda, which is linked with the Diocese of Bristol, and saw at first hand the issues communities face with gathering and managing their water supplies. Local priest, Rev Chris Dobson, who was travelling with Bishop Mike took photographs of the local community and we are also featuring photographs which show the beauty of water as a natural resource. Alongside that we also have a ‘Particulart’ exhibition entitled ‘A stitch in time’ which helps people visualise the carbon particles in our environment through a display of knitted particles, which has been developed by Clare Bryden. We are very grateful to both Chris and Clare for helping us with this exhibition. Admission is free – come and visit the south choir aisle.

To download the Carbon Challenge click here. To find out more about ‘Particulart’ click here.