Comments – “Particulart”

An independent café, where time is slowed and the audience is relaxed, is the ideal location for an encounter with a bunch of knitted chemistry with a message. Here are a few of the comments and tweets we received:

I do like a bit of #knitted art over coffee.

I was drinking my tea at Real Food, when I noticed a knitted particle on the table, then I realised I was surrounded by organic chemistry.

Had a sneak preview. Looks amazing. Do go along and see something you will never have seen before.

I wish I could adequately describe how happy I am that knitted molecular chains are an actual thing.

Diana and I invited the Incinerator’s Liaison Committee to our launch, which led to one of the most positive responses we had to the exhibition. One of the subcontractors told us they were used to attending ‘shouty’ aggressive protests, which did little beyond alienating them. Our gentle protest made him much more interested in engaging, and he liked the potential for educating the public.

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