Photos – Inside the Incinerator

Diana was invited to the inauguration of the Incinerator on the morning of 16th October. She took a bunch of cutie PM2.5 particles with her, and they were a big hit with Viridor staff! Thanks to @michaelrigby2 from Cobalt Energy for providing his photos.

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All togged up, ready for the tour around the incinerator. It was very instructive, and everyone should go to see how our waste is treated.

Speeches were spoken, a plaque unveiled, and there was lots of enthusiastic chatter about the inauguration.

What you chuck in your black bin is collected by the lorries, chucked in this big pit, mashed up and shredded a bit.

CCTV shows the big grabber which picks up waste and puts into the kiln. The operator sits on a big Star Trek seat overlooking the pit.

The control room monitors the ins and outs of waste-bearing lorries, and emissions.

Waste is loaded into oscillating kiln and burnt, I think at 8,000 degrees.

Most of the toxic particles are collected in lime bags (a bit too messy to show).

This is the stack, with the red lights on top, shooting emissions into the atmosphere. The Environment Agency regulates these.

This is the air cooled condenser. Steam that has been through the turbine is cooled back to water ready to go back through the cycle.

Lorries come to take the toxic fly and bottom ash away.

The particles 'emitted' at the exhibition launch were also a big hit with Viridor staff. Diana needs to make more!

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