Hello! Thank you for your interest and concern. You may be wondering what exactly we are planning. Well, we haven’t ironed out all the details yet. But we can tell you that the overall idea is to knit lots of particles and set them free in Exeter, to bring alive the impact of the incinerator on the city. We’ll probably label them all with this website address, so the people who find the particles can follow the thread back here.

What do we want you to do now? KNIT! We want to keep it simple, so we’d like you to knit some atoms and bonds, and at some future date we will have a sew-a-thon to stitch them all together. Of course, if you feel inspired by the ones we made earlier, feel free to create a whole particle. There is a pattern for atoms here, and a pattern for bonds here, and a pattern telling you how many atoms and bonds in what colours are needed for each particle here.

If you can’t knit, maybe you could help us to spread the word on Twitter. And we’ll need plenty of plastic charity bags for stuffing. Or you could always ask someone to teach you how to knit.

The deadline? Well, the incinerator started operating in spring 2014, but won’t be officially opened until October 2014. We plan to ’emit’ our particles at the same time, exhibiting them at cafés around Exeter, and maybe just leaving them in strategic locations around the city for people to find.

It would help us enormously if you could get in touch and let us know roughly what you are planning and how you are getting on, so we can keep track of who is involved and how many particles we might be getting. We might email you occasionally with updates and encouragement and sew-a-thon dates. We hope that’s OK.

And thank you again!

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